The Unaccustomed SEO (UN)Convention

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know how important internet marketing is for your business. You also know how hard it is to learn about internet marketing because there isn’t one how to guide to succeed in internet marketing. There are plenty of “internet marketing experts” offering you how to succeedf68207c6-9056-418f-9a5a-e4b16831edb7 in internet marketing, and to start making thousands of dollars without any effort. Most of these authors are scammers, they don’t know a thing about internet marketing. What they know are things you can find for free on the internet, or they give you one way to make money online, and that is with their product.

Well your troubles are almost gone, because for the first time there is an SEO Convention with the world leading internet marketers. They will share their tips and tricks to online success. On the November 15, to November 17 in Las Vegas for the first time in the history of internet marketing you will learn the lessons these experts took years, and lots of effort to learn.

What makes this convention

What makes this convention unique is there will be no boundaries, you will be taught about every possible aspect of internet marketing, things most experts don’t want you to know. For example, you will learn the importance of black hat methods to jumpstart your business, and how to continue from there. Black hat methods to protect your business from intruders hackers don’t want you to know. SEO consultants who sell their services to billion dollar companies will give you a piece of their knowledge. As you see, you will not learn just how to make your business more successful you will learn how to protect your business data from hackers. We have all been victims of cyber attacks, now it is time for you to change that and to prevent it from happening.

This is not the usual conference where the speakers must provide their speech for approval, at this conference there will be no forbidden topic, no too controversial. You will learn why the unconventional is better, why following the unusual is the proper way to success. After all, how many of your friends are happy with their conventional lives and their conventional way of living. Get the knowledge most people want to know, but don’t know how to get. Why you must not miss this year’s conference? Because there will be no recording allowed during the conference, no DVD to buy of this year’s conference. Plus, you can meet with lots of other businessmen like yourself and who knows a contract or a long term collaboration might happen.fc0cbcd6-a7e4-4314-96aa-96aafeafc2c1

As you probably know high quality content is everything in SEO, no more link building for becoming number one in your niche. Well, one of the world’s biggest internet marketers Matthew Woodward will show you how to better quality. How quality content made him one of the most reputable internet marketers. Meet Thomas Smale the person who started from nothing and made 7 figures monthly income from scratch. Jacob Hagberg the person who made 700 000 dollars from his parents’ basement. Ilan Nass the owner of one of the fastest growing digital agencies Taktical and others. Meet the most motivational people alive.


The value of learning internet marking for your business

Any business nowadays would be foolish not to have an internet marketing strategy. As of the moment according to the World internet user’s statistics there are about 7,181,858,619 using the internet. 8d880330-aa09-48e0-b8d2-761fae165f8c

This means that a fair share of the market, is already tuned online and any marketing team who is not taking advantage of online marketing is losing thousands of dollars per year.

Businessmen and corporations have to understand that making use of SEO like blogging, Facebook, Email newsletters are not just strategies, they will also serve as media channels to a particular audience who are in direct of the products and services.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing is any kind of investment making use of online strategies. It is one way to help promote and advertise any business while making use of SEO strategies.

Internet marketing, will utilize tactics that will help determine the right kind of customer for a specific product.

Before starting an internet marketing strategy, there is a need to discover the intended market, to check what is profitable, and what customers really need.

The product or service has to be able to cater to a specific product or service that people really need in order to solve their dilemma.

How to be effective with internet marketing?

In order to be effective in the internet marketing strategy, there is a need to have9e5fffd5-0a58-4ce7-b116-4c80ed34480a target customers. There should be a well detailed market research, to take note of the interests of the clients, in order to make sure that the marketing scheme will work and speak for the right person.

Internet marking, has to be able to get into the mindset of the target customer, it has to speak the language of the customer, in order for it to be effective. Valuable information and the right words are crucial into making sure that the internet marketing technique will work.

Proper Assessment:

An internet marketing strategy will work better, if there is proper assessment of the market. This means that the business investor will look into competitors in the industry. By understanding what other competitors are offering, a new product strategy online can be created.

The strategy must include a community events calendar; the businesses should learn to adapt to what is going on locally and internationally and to create seasonal trends that people will follow. 

For example, the internet ads should coincide with popular events like Black Friday, Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Local event should also be including in the internet marketing strategy and anything that will endear the local clients towards the products and services being offered.9cb32eda-caed-45d6-9af4-8d4ebdf3785f

Consistency and Focus:

Being consistent with the marketing plans and remaining focused is one good way to make sure that the marketing strategy used online is convincing to any potential customer. By remaining disciplined, focused and consistent customer loyalty can be created. 

Any kind of business and marketing strategy has a good chance of succeeding, if the marketing team is willing to innovate and be resourceful. They also have to be willing to collaborate with the community in order to do brand reinforcement, making the product truly effective. 



Despite being a new phenomenon, social media has rapidly turned into a very essential marketing tool for any business. Social media is where you get to interact with your customers and understand their needs well and this is very important for your business. Below are some of the top reasons as to why social media is good for business.

1) A great way to showcase your brand

Social media is where you meet your customers. Proper handling of the social media is very effective in showcasing your company to many people who may turn out to be your clients. Once you have a defined business objective the next step is brand awareness creation and this is what the social media does best.

2) Enhances your company’s reputation and integrity

Social media enables you to closely communicate with your customers/clients and this is a very effective way of gaining their trust. Social media allows your clients to leave their testimonials on your products/services and incase there are a few issues on your services, they will also leave that information. This way, you will be able to see some of the few areas that need some adjustments so that your customers can become more satisfied. When you handle their questions well and make some little improvements here and there, you will manage to gain their trust thus enhancing the trustworthiness of your company. With great reputation and integrity, you will be able easily attract more clients to your business and this will enhance the growth of your company.

3) Increases traffic to your site thus improve your search engine rankings17cd4088-7b47-4097-a797-b865b2fa73df

Social media is very essential in bringing traffic into your website. This is because as you become more exposed online, more information on your products is shared between many of the internet users. Addressing the many issues raised by your clients enables you to gain their trust and they will gladly share your posts with your links on the social media which is very essential in generating traffic to your site. 

This is why many companies are currently integrating social media to their websites so as to convert leads into prospects. This has allowed them to optimize their keywords thus improving their rankings in the search engines.

4) Increase sales

As mentioned above, social media exposes you to many prospective customers and at the same time enables you to understand them well. By so doing, you get to know where you need to improve so as to satisfy them well and also gain their trust. This will in turn expand your sales in a great way thus boosting your company/business. 

5) Cutting the marketing costs087d8815-713e-4fb5-9637-1d0bc77c001a

Most businesses spend a lot of money marketing their products/services. Social media however is an affordable way to market your products. This is because it allows you to advertise yourself exponentially without having to spend large sum of money. It also allows you to close transactions/sales easily by simply using the  buy now’ buttons on your account therefore cutting your manpower and operational expenses/costs.



The above are just but a few benefits of using social media in marketing your business. There are many other benefits and all you have to do is to have a very good strategy so as to beat your competitors who have also embraced social media in their business. You should also attend SEO conference and conventions regularly to get a good grip over SEO which can be hugely beneficial for your site.

Five Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Business

Five Reasons Why Social Media is Good for Business

It is not only a great idea to be where your potential and current customers are, but it is also common sense. And, your potential and current customers are on social. Before look the five reasons why social media is good for your business, let look at few tips for social media advertising.9b8598be-1844-425f-aa7b-c5557fba363c

1ü Post regularly

2Avoid forcing customers

3 Be consistent

4Write great content

5 Establish good relationships with customers

Let us now look the five reasons why social media is good for business, 

Boost traffic and search engine ranking

Social media channels are not just some of the major generators, but they constantly bring high volume traffic to your web every day. Due to this, the idea of incorporating social media to businesses’ webs as a way of converting leads into prospects has been brought a life. For instance, web builders such as Puzl, offer an option to connect your web page with social media so that you can share your business updates by a click. You gain more traffic when you participate in many channels.  

When it comes to search engine benefits, Google and other search engines loves social media. In recent times, search engines have allowed personal profiles, Facebook business pages and live tweets from Twitter to show in search results. As a business person, you should utilize this privilege through optimizing your keywords in the description and title in a way that it shows the search queries.  11d54458-9cc4-4bb2-9266-210d72aa1ffe

Increasing business integrity and reputation

Another reason why social medial is good for business is that it increases your business reputation as well as integrity. Imagine that you have a fan page and your followers leave positive testimonials about how quality your product or services are. That can only skyrocket your business’ reputation and integrity, thus making it easier to attract new customers. 

Reduce marketing costs

Social media marketing is a very affordable method of branding your business. Actually, it has taken over from traditional advertising and print marketing. You are guaranteed to increase your return on investment if you promote your products and services on social media. Social media allows you to advertise your growth opportunities exponentially, as is energizes your PR efforts without a lot of money and much time commitment. 

Showcasing products13f615b6-a7a7-47d2-9227-2c1afd10ad58

Social media has totally revolutionized the business world. You can easily showcase your products and services to your customers through social media. For instance, you can take a photo of your product using your mobile device and post it to your social media connections such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Expanding sales

One of the reasons why social media is good for business is that it expands your sales volume. You are able to access your customers very fast and even receive feedback, thus smoothing your sales channels. Potential customers are likely to become customers if you respond to their needs in a personal and prompt manner. Additionally, you are able to discover your individual customer preferences, thus being able to focus on meeting their expectation as well as special needs, gain proficiency in that line of product and even research your competitors. 

If you combine search engine optimization with social media, you will have the most powerful marketing mix to help you in your marketing efforts.  


What Is SEO? The Pathway Of Getting Highly Ranked On Search Engines

When people enter a query in search engines and click on ”enter, ‘’ there is always a list of search results. Normally, web surfers will always like to visit web pages found at the topb14c497c-1566-4bc5-8c88-bd76c8b29df8 of a search query. This is because users believe that websites at the top are relevant to the search results. On any search result, you will discover that some websites rank higher than others. This is basically because of an effective internet marketing strategy called SEO. You may ask, what is SEO? Well, SEO remain a powerful internet marketing techniques used in ranking brand, product or website higher in search engines. With SEO, you are sure to get quality traffic from search engines easily. Are you pondering on what is SEO? This article is sure to unleash all the necessary information you need to know on SEO. 

How Search Engines Operate:

One thing you need to know about SEO is that search engines are never humans. This remains a basic fact that should not cause any further argument. This is because the way search engines and humans view websites remain different. Search engine are text driven in nature and cannot be compared to humans. It is the normal habit for search engines to crawl the web. They do this by searching for a particular site material to understand the details of its operation. In another words, search engines simply look for the relevance of a given website with respect to its information provided. On this note, search engines often carry out several activities to offer quality results. 

Benefits Of SEO:

Presently, there are several benefits that you can get when using SEO in your marketing platform. This paragraph is set to unleash the great benefits that you can get when using search engine optimization on your internet business.

Quality Ranking:

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is to get a website higher in ranking that other rival counterparts. SEO is a proven internet marketing strategy that promises a website top-notch ranking ability. Provided the content of your website remains unique, informational and relevant, SEO strategy is sure to place such web page higher in ranking. Even if you want to remain highly ranked on Google’s first page, with SEO strategy, the sky and above will remain your limit of success. With SEO, your website will rank higher on Google first page and other search engine platforms.

Huge Traffic:a14c6e85-7436-423b-bc83-31b146b166cc

Another effective benefit of SEO is getting huge traffic. Once your website is already ranked higher on search engines, there is every possibility for prospective surfers to visit the site easily. With several visitors landing on your website, you are sure to increase greatly in traffic. 

Quick Visibility:

SEO is also the author of quick visibility that your website needs today. If you have been struggling as an internet marketer for several years, with SEO strategy, your website will gain quality and quick visibility.

Remain Unique/Stand Out Of The Crowd:

SEO is all you need to stand out of the crowd and remain unique. SEO is sure to help you overcome the strategies of your rival competitors easily.



what is internet marketing?

Online marketing is simply creating awareness of your product through website or even the available sites. For some people, online marketing is the process that involves websites and emails to initiate direct sales of products via electronic commerce. It should be noted that online marketing can be supported by other forms of marketing like, billboard marketing and television marketing. 

Online marketing will need very powerful communicators who can deliver the intended message without having direct contact with the potential buyer. Creative marketers also have an added convincing advantage.????????????????????????????????????????

How to be a good online marketer

Apart from being a good communicator, there are many more values that will make online marketing your profession. Firstly, you will need some basic education, knowledge in order to understand product market. This means that a college diploma or even a bachelor’s degree in marketing is necessary.

The other important quality is that you must become an avid internet user. You must join as many sites as possible and make sure you take advantage of the fast-access internet scene. Buy and sell domains, be a regular blog writer and make sure you are an affiliate marketer on your site and more.

Also, ensure you read articles written by other online marketers, to make it certain that you are updated with any new trend in the industry. Reading helps you do research and it is always advisable to specialize in a certain field. Specialization helps one to have enough time to do research and to ensure your services will have high professional standards.


Methods of online marketing

Web marketing is the most common form of online marketing because it is presented to internet users even without their own knowledge. Most cases affiliate marketing which is a form of website marketing is freely available on many web sites. You get materials, being displayed in very presentable ways even in sites that are not used for marketing purposes; it should click in your mind that its product being presented to 8af2442d-2248-4ecf-adc8-2ce852fdcaf5you for sale.

Another marketing method is by optimizing your website to attract and drive potential visitors to your website through SEO methods. This ensures that you get buyers to purchase your products or click on your ads, thus increases your AdSense earnings. 

Email marketing is the other alternative online marketing method. This form of marketing involves marketing and promotional efforts via email messages to prospective and current clients. 

Potential and even present clients avail their email addresses to an online marketing firm that will always be sending them available information of the products. In case of any client placing an order, the marketing firm will carry out the transaction on behalf of their client.


The last method of online marketing is social media marketing. This involves viral marketing where all members of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Diggs will receive both marketing and advertising effort upon opening their pages. It has become a very successful way to advertise because research shows that almost 90% of mature people are at least hooked up to one social site.

In conclusion

The biggest challenge to know what is internet marketing is in the hands of the current strong search engine like yahoo and Google. Online marketers too have a big part to play; they must be so clear in description of their products and it is paramount to be convincing enough why your product is better that your competitors. In addition to that, do have a look at the UnGagged UNconvention. It is a great way to learn and make new contacts in the same industry as yours.





Content curation defined

This is the art and science of getting and sharing high quality c9cb1a9f8-1b19-4ca5-86a1-611051256a79ontent on a given specific topic. Through this, you are able to create an audience through which you can share personal content. The same group of people can then spread the word to others. Content curation is gradually turning into a marketing staple for most companies that have an effective online presence. Content curation, unlike content marketing does not involve generation of content. Information is instead amassed from various sources and delivered in a very organized fashion. A content curator does not create new content but finds content that is relevant to a particular category and then funnels it to the readers.

Significance of content curation

Curated content is no doubt cheaper than creating original content. Creating a high quality and convincing content takes so much time and effort. This is however not to say that original content is less important. Curated content acts as a very valuable supplement to generation of original content which remains the most powerful style of content marketing. It is common knowledge that 80 percent of shared information is curated and 20 percent original.

Content curation helps organize the web. Despite the fact that Google is very phenomenal and serves up needed results, human interpretation still remains paramount. When you find and share relevant information on behalf of businesses, you are actually serving up information that might be useful to the community.

The most vital form of social giving is achieved through curating content. Finding and sharing another person’s content adds value to our communities and helps promote other people’s ideas. Doing this without an agenda is an act that is greatly appreciated by the online community.

Secrets of successful content curation

There exist so much information on the web hence achieving success with content curation in your business may require you to be quite clever. Display the best and most relevant content that is available. It is important to note that most people turn here to be b able to sift through content overload. Their intention is to get the best content on their interested subject and hence they won’t waste time low quality information.030fd70e-5f05-4fed-b50b-b38764584830

Most companies use content curation to drive Search Engine Optimization. A company that is able to link various pieces of quality content on a given topic will increase its exposure every time the topic is searched. Curated content will automatically contain search terms that are most popular within your topic of interest hence boosting rankings of search results.

In order to get the most out of content curation, you may consider the use of tools such as, BagTheWeb, REdux and many others. These tools will help you sort through lots of online content and find that content which is most relevant to you needs. Some the tools also allow you to create original content and curate simultaneously.

Content curation may look like a source for free information but it can still fail if it is not done properly. For instance, relying only on curating content and abandoning generation of original content may be dangerous. It is recommended that original content be mixed with curated one in order to achieve the most success in using content curation. The tools that allow for this mixture are their most recommended. 

What Is B2B Marketing? What Makes It Special?

Do you know that there are so many questions on what is B2B marketing today? TMarketing business saleshe procedure by which firms employ several techniques such as email, web communication, relationship management and media campaign for the purpose of converting target visitors into clients if often called B2B marketing. Have you ever pondered on how a firm provides new PCs for its 2,000-plus employees? These firms will never send an office representative or manager to purchase an order that is as large as this. Nevertheless, these transactions are important for the future success of the business. B2B simply involves the sale of one firm’s service or product to another company. Is your quest on what is B2B marketing? Reading through the enumerated points below will help you understand the basic concept of the business-to-business marketing easily. 

Basic Facts About B2B Marketing:

 6598d488-daab-4083-be24-bf18179a496dFrom research and feasibility study, it is clear that business-to-business strategies depend on the same precepts as consumer marketing. However, B2B is expected to function in a different and unique perspective. It is important to know that clients often select a service or product based on status, price, popularity and other emotional triggers. In the case of B2B, clients will only make decisions based on profit potential and price alone. 

In the business-to-business world, finding new methods to increase relationships on social medial remain a hot topic. Presently, it is clear that social media platforms have unleashed 2 channels between businesses. From a reliable source, it is important to know that businesses are likely to purchase from firms they track on social media. On this note, top-notch business-to-business firms have continued to search for innovative channels to use social media platforms to their own benefit. 

Who Uses Business-To-Business Marketing?

At its in-depth, business-to-business consist of creating valuable relationships to keep clients on a longevity basis. This remains a vital objective to any firm. Even if you are a small family-owned business or a mega retail corporation, B2B marketing remains an active strategy to use in time of need. Do you know that the business-to-business market remain the largest of its kind? In fact, research has shown that it exceeds the consumer market in dollar worth. 

Business-to-business marketing is widely used by businesses that create products people have no practical use for such as steel. Nevertheless, B2B can as well be used by firms marketing services or products purchased by other businesses and consumers. 

Business-To-Business Marketing Strategies:


Do you know that business-to-business marketing success does not emanate from broadcasting a service or product over the TV or radio? The truth is that business-to-business marketing success emanates from embedding or placing your company in the industry. It also gains its success by making your service or product seem like a staple option. You can always be in the front of niche clients through several ways. Read on to discover ways in getting in front of niche buyers when using B2B marketing strategies. 

Ensure to host comprehensive webinars

Try to set up booths at well known industry tradeshows

Send out newsletter email placing your business as an industry specialist

Keeping interactive and active social media presence

With this simple explanation, you are sure to understand the business-to-business marketing strategies for real.

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Different ways of making money online

Online jobs is a big development over the past years and it’s working quite perfectly for both the contractors and clients. Even though many people still have not changed their traditional mindset about the office corner and rocking chair, today, smart people are working at the comfort of their homes, thanks to internet revolution. The following are some of the ways of how to make money online.


Online surveys

Doing online surveys is among the quickest means of earning money online. All you have to do is just providing your opinion about a product.


Article writing

This is a type of professional work. When you do really have a good writing skill, you may make passive income from it but the one thing that you have to do is to prove yourself at the initial stage. You chose the correct niche that best suits your talent, and begin writing articles on that niche. You submit them to websites, or you may create your own blog. You may write articles and submit articles in freelancer sites.


Freelancer jobs

Freelancing is the best means to majority of online workers, and largest source of making cash in various categories. You may perform different kinds of work such as programming, web research, data entry, and many more. It’s suitable for teenagers and college students.


Selling Online Products

This is somehow complex although it’s a fixed income immediately you settle down in it. You may establish an online store in eBay or Amazon and begin selling their products yourself. Or else when you have talent in any field, you may start writing an eBook, and sell it.



Majority of people are passionate about photography. You may use your skills so as to make some good money through selling your photos. There are various sites that you can sell them to including Deposit Photo, Snap Village, Big Stock Photo among others.


Reading Email

You may also make money online just by reading emails streaming in your inbox. Check out for sites like, and to earn cash by reading emails.


Affiliate Marketing5bba22e8-6c05-4b80-9c0f-d6c3b05e739d

This is a complex means of making money online for beginners since you require a good website to do this. When you possess a website, you may sell some other products, and they are going to give you a commission. Sites like Amazon pay you for selling their products online.



The greatest way to make money online is to build a website or a blog and write reviews about products or place some ads and get paid for your work. This is a good source of income. Even though it’s the most difficult means of making money online, it’s not impossible. All you need is having some good knowledge on a particular niche, then passion about blogging and patience.




This is among the easiest way to freely earn money from home. What you have to do is just clicking on ads streaming on your system, and you are done! You take a look at the landing page that your ad is pointing at, and make the ad directly relevant to it. Among others, your ad should:

  • Address the particular problem you have identified
  • Include the keyword that you have bid on
  • Reflect the landing page’s keywords
  • Address the pros of the product

  • And include strong call for action

Tips On How To Make Money Online

Nowadays, it is possible to earn income from the comfort of your own home as a long as you have a computer and internet connection. While it is a common belief among many people that only a few lucky hardworking people that have great business ideas can make money online, the reality is that just about anybody can be able to make a living exclusively online. The following are tips on how to make good money online.

Affiliate Marketing5b643d2b-dc74-4fa0-8fad-677aa611a35b

Becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the great ways to make a fortune online. All you will be required to do is promote someone else’s products and services without the need of carrying out any inventory. You can incorporate the affiliate advertisements on your blog, website or page, or you can also use linked articles, product placement videos or banner ads. You do not necessarily need to have a website or blog to become an affiliate marketer. You can just post videos that contain links to the products that you are selling on YouTube and other related sites. 

Selling On eBay

Selling products on eBay is another great way to earn income online. If you have unwanted things in your home, you can convert them into little spending money by selling them on this site. Apart from selling old products that you are not using on eBay, you can also buy wholesale products and then sell them on this site at a profit. If you also have the skills to make products that people may want to buy, you can start a home-based craft business and sell them to customers across the world. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Many business people need personal assistants to help them manage their work effectively and take care of little things, but not all of them can afford one. The internet has however made it possible for them to hire part time assistants who can work for them on part time basis at a much lower cost compared to a full time personal assistant. There are virtual assistants who earn up to 20 USD per hour, so it is job that can sustain you if you find a good client to work for.

Become a Blogger

There are lots of people who are making a decent income from blogging. If have a blog with ma6ea712a2-1ccb-4fde-9d8a-ed44d83afc3fny followers, you can leverage them into hard money. You do not necessarily need to have a blog that is already established. If you have an idea that people may be interested to read about, you can turn it into a moneymaker by blogging about it. Ad networks like Google AdSense pay bloggers a lot of money to place ads on blogs. Every time a person visits your website and clicks an ad, you will receive a payment.

These are just but a few ways on how to earn income online. The best thing with most of these jobs is that you do not necessarily have to be skilled in computers. However, you will need to be willing to learn, be dedicated and deliver quality work to your clients if you want your online job to be successful.

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